How to make cold brew coffee at home

Cold brew coffee is among the more popular and popular coffee products available that are available today and for good reason. It is a refreshing cold substitute for hot tea in the summer’s hottest months.
It is a great recipe to make in large quantities, perfect for sharing with friends at events or in the refrigerator, waiting to eat in the heat of summer. There are numerous complicated coffee makers and expensive cold brew equipment available on the market, however, all of it is not needed to enjoy a cup of refreshing beverages at the comfort of your own home. Make your own concentrate for cold-brew is easy.
It’s one of the most simple and most efficient methods to brew coffee and requires minimal equipment.

What is Cold brew coffee?

Cold-brew brewing is based on the same principles that are used to make hot coffee. The method is slightly different, however, the factors of the size of grind, temperatures, and filtration work in similarly.

The main differentiator in cold-brewed coffee is the fact that it can be prepared using cold or room-temperature water, instead of hot water. If making cold brew at lower temperatures, the time to brew must be prolonged to extract all the coffee. This creates a concentrated coffee that is full of caffeine and flavour. This is what you should be aware of before starting:

The beans you choose: Cold brew can be made with any type of coffee. Make use of the best coffee for cold brew available in the market, and ensure that they are fresh to get the most flavorful taste.

Grind Size: Coarse grind size tends to be the most effective. A coarse grind minimizes the amount of sediment on the end product and also reduces the time needed to completely remove the grounds of the coffee.

The temperature of the water: Because of a long time of brewing, the temperature of the water isn’t as crucial in hot coffee. Cold brew is made in a room temperature as well as in the refrigerator.

Timings:12-24 hours is recommended for full extraction. Brewing takes longer in lower temperatures.

Ratio: A mixture of one cup of coffee and eight cups of water (1:8) creates an unbalanced cold brew that is balanced. For instance, to make 20 pounds of cold brew you’ll need approximately 2.5 2 ounces (71g) of beans for 20 pounds (567g) of water.

Filtering: Any filtering method can be effective. Utilizing a felt, cloth or paper filter leaves less sediment than filters made of metal. If you don’t own coffee filters, kitchen strainers and cheesecloth can be used in an emergency.

The Recipe:

  1. Blend your beans. Use a coarse grind. If you don’t own the grinder you need the majority of cafes and roasters will grind your beans upon purchase. It is recommended to use one portion of coffee for every eight parts of water.
  2. Pour the coffee into the vessel for brewing. Make sure you weigh or measure the coffee before adding directly to the vessel to brew. Any mason jar, pitcher or similar container will be able to work. Glass is suggested, as plastic is prone to discoloration and absorb odors after long-term usage.
  3. Include water. Cover your ground coffee with the amount you want of room or cool water. Stir well until all the grounds are thoroughly soaked.
  4. The grounds should be soaked. Steep your cold mix for between 12 and 24 hours. Then, either in the refrigerator as well as at ambient temperature. Be aware that coffee can take longer to steep at colder temperatures. If you chill it, you can compensate by a few more minutes of steeping.
  5. Filter the cold coffee. Make use of any filter to separate the grounds out of the cold brew.
  6. Mix and serve. Enjoy your cold beverage by pouring it into the glass using an ice cube and diluting it by adding water or milk. A ratio of one to one of concentrate cold brew to milk or water is suggested, however, you are able to adjust it according to your preference when it’s not enough. Also check out this Cold brew coffee banana smoothie

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